justice will be icy and feminist

As a running gag between the two characters, Caboose often confuses Donut’s name with other types of pastry.

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  • remembering someone’s trans boy chuck hansen meta about the ‘that’s my son’ scene in pacific rim and crying

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to match rosie’s half-orc cleric i have a tiefling warlock called zaina. they’re going to get on soooooo welllllll

No, no, no no, silly boys can’t tame me

Benny’s the only one who’s ever gonna claim me


RWBY Volume 2 Episode 7 - Penny

I just noticed the guy with the red starts tapping his foot to the groove but immediately stops when the blue guy looks at him.

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fancast for mine and rosie’s ocs

boris johnson as michelangelo
kim kardashian as valefar
steve buscemi as valentina
nicolas cage as gulliver
paris hilton as luka
skrillex as kethlin
prince harry as ozzy
nicki minaj as talitha
the olsen twins as cirrus and cumulonimbus

i found this post again and i don’t know what i was doing when i made this. why did i make this. femmephibian please help me