Kataang speedpaint for stress relief

"Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, media player, etc., and write down the first 20 songs, then pass this on. One rule: No skipping!"

tagged by nicecourfeyrack w/ the assumption i have good music taste so i sorry for the disappointment that will probably follow. 

  1. up so close - cake
  2. grown ocean - fleet foxes
  3. the enemy guns - devotchka
  4. haunted - radical face
  5. threshold (8 bit) - sex bob-omb (scott pilgrim soundtrack)
  6. poetry - moddi
  7. at the opera tonight - cast of repo! the genetic opera
  8. halloween - aqua
  9. bring me back a dog - iamx
  10. carrying you - joe hisashi (laputa: castle in the sky sountrack)
  11. monster - detektivbyran
  12. ready for the floor - hot chip
  13. ;john - iamamiwhoami
  14. another day - carousel
  15. cave of fear - tamsoft sound team (guardian’s crusade soundtrack)
  16. colony - now, now
  17. lille - johnny_ripper
  18. first of the year (equinox) - skrillex
  19. a children’s crusade on acid - margot & the nuclear so and so’s
  20. for the widows in paradise for the fatherless in ypsilanti - the good natured

uhh… femmephibian needs to do it. watermeat can do it so we can laugh at his music taste…. anyone else can do it if you like music and you see this and then tell me you did it so you can share your music with me???


Love the concept for this game so much, it’s horrifying.


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i made some fnaf pixels since i haven’t seen any yet

bonus: image


thing i’ve been working on


some scribbly sleepy seamonkeys ♡


Movies You Should See (And Maybe Haven’t) - Attack the Block (2011)

Dimples: What kind of alien, out of all the places in the whole wide world, would invade some shitty council estate in south London?
One that’s lookin’ for a fight!


the end of a friendship

Whyre the foxes so loud



Her design is so cute!!!! image